Week 7 Thursday Night Pick

Ah, the 1-5 New York Jets square off against the 4-2 New England Patriots. The poor Jets have played formidable opponents for five straight weeks. Aside from the debacle in San Diego, all of these games have been competitive until the end. Critics want to point the finger at Geno Smith, but the real problem is the wide receiver core. Eric Decker and Jace Amaro should not be the best receivers on a team that came into the season with playoff aspirations. Even though I am under the conviction that Smith may pan out to be a good pocket passer, it is time for Michael Vick. He has the ability to score 35 points on any given day, even though he is also capable of committing five turnovers.Geno Smith is not capable of leading an offense to 30+ points. On the other side of the ball is a New England Patriots team that appears to have found their identity. Brady is Brady and the defense played well in their past two games. It is hard to see the Jets winning, but New York will keep it close.


New England Patriots 28, New York Jets 19 (+9.5)


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